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      Want to join the family?

      Zennkai believes in working together to foster a high performance environment where effort and enthusiasm result in recognition, rewards and growth. From the stylist looking for a competitive wage, to the Manager needing a flexible business schedule, we are seeking individuals who want to positively impact their career!

      At the Megahair Family, we strive to make our employees feel like they are a family member and encourage them to trust in their abilities. We strongly believe that there is power in knowledge. This is why we are an industry leader in developing and educating our employees so that we can support their personal growth. We are always looking for exceptionally talented people that inspire others. If you are a confident leader wanting to build a fulfilling and rewarding career we would love for you to join our family.

      Apply Now

      We are ALWAYS accepting resumes and will make room for exceptional talent!

      • Managers
      • Front Line Coordinators
      • Hair Stylists
      • Apprentices

      Send your resume to