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      When you shop at Zennkai Salon you are supporting a locally run business that competes with big box product retailers, a huge selection of professional products at an amazing price point and local hair stylists that hone their craft and develop their business at our Zennkai Salons. 


      We are known for our bright orange stickers, the ugly sticker with the best intentions. We don't want professional haircare products to be intimidating. Our brightest sticker represents the best price.

      At Zennkai we believe in living a life that focuses on continuous improvement. There is always going to be a new product and a new trend - through our astounding professional product selection, our knowledgeable team and talented stylists we will help you live your hair's best life.


      Meet Milajne Soligo, local business owner, born and raised in Burnaby BC. Milajne is the President and Owner of Zennkai Salons and Eccotique Spas and Salons. 

      Milajne’s deep seeded passion for this industry started as a very, very young age. Both of her parents escaped Croatia and came to Canada for a better life. Her mother worked as a Hair Stylist and later her father, Mark Banicevic, found his passion for the industry and started the Mega Hair Group Inc in 1984.

      Being the owner’s daughter didn’t preclude Milajne from working her way up in the company.  Her father had high expectations of her but knew that she had a great amount of potential to make something amazing for herself in this business. Mark started Milajne as a shampoo girl and made her work every position throughout the company to fully understand the premise of what it takes to run the business. 

      Driven by a vision and propelled by experience, Milajne pitched the idea to Mark of creating Eccotique Spas & Salons and later launched the concept in Metropolis at Metrotown in 1996.  

      After 5 year of operating, managing and growing the Eccotique brand to 4 locations strong, Mark approached her to become the Vice President of The Mega Hair Group Inc. and later, in February 2008, she became the President.  She was driven and eager to accept both of these responsibilities and began the task of aggressively growing the company and expanding its reach.  At the start of her lead each of the 11 salon locations was under a separate name.  She consolidated all the names to our two brands, Zennkai and Eccotique.

      Today, under Milajne’s ownership, The Mega Hair Group Inc. comprises 9 Zennkai Salons and 7 Eccotique Hair Spas & Salons throughout the Lower Mainland in beautiful British Columbia.

      2018 was the evolution of our online store and has catapulted into a major foundation of our business in 2020. Curbside pick up, same day delivery, shipping across Canada have all since excelled bringing our amazing low prices to clients all across Canada!

      We are known for our Product Bundles, Online Exclusive Deals, Signature Beauty Boxes, Exclusive Gifts with Purchase and a strong loyalty program

      Giving back to our guests and the communities we reside in, has always been at the heart of the business. Both Zennkai and Eccotique have had long standing programs to connect with the people in our different cities and connect with programs of similar values.

      Annual Daymaker Day at BC Children's Hospital since 2002
      Hosting dinners for a families at the Ronald McDonald House
      Joined forces with BeaYOUtiful Organization in 2019
      Partnered with Mamas for Mamas in 2020 providing donations and makeovers
      Support AG's One Girl Can by sponsoring and donating profits from sales