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    Zennkai Salon

    Hair. Your dearest friend. Your worst enemy. Your alter ego. That stuff on your head that is forever evolving. Its texture and hue have changed naturally with age while its shape, style and colour have been remixed based on hot new trends or your desire to make a bold statement. So unpredictable, occasionally frustrating and at times pleasantly perfect. Hair has travelled with you through time and is forever on your mind.

    At Zennkai Salon, WE GET IT! Whether you have a thick mane or one hair on your head, your hair is important to you. That’s why we’ve created a salon that not only prides itself on its cutting edge services and expert stylists but also offers over 50 professional hair care brands at the lowest prices in British Columbia. With 12 locations throughout the GVRD, you’re sure to have a Zennkai Salon nearby. We have the brightest sticker you’ve ever seen, the best price on the market and most importantly, making sure your hair is perfect is our number one priority.

    Zennkai Salons are a locally owned and operated Vancouver salon business.  We are proud to have been giving back to our communities by hosting Daymaker Day. This extraordinary event touches the lives of many and involves the following non-profit organizations for children throughout the Lower Mainland: Ronald McDonald House, Easter Seal House, BC Children’s Hospital and SOS Children’s Village BC.  Employees from Zennkai Salon locations volunteer their time to do what they do best – pamper!  The Zennkai Daymakers will touch the lives of these children and families through complimentary stress relieving treatments, polish applications, haircuts and styles, make-up touchups and hand massages.

    To join the Daymaker movement please contact our head office at 604.599.6800 we welcome all volunteers.