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      Dandruff vs. Dry Scalp

      It’s the age-old question. When styling your hair you see flakes and feel an itch… is it dryness or dandruff? Often they are misdiagnosed for each other.

      As hard as it can be to differentiate, there are some key distinctions and hints that can help find an answer. And interestingly enough, dry scalp and dandruff technically have polar opposite causes. That is because dry scalp is caused by a lack of moisture, and dandruff is caused by an excess of oil, along with an overgrowth of fungus called Malassezia.

      What do the flakes look like?

      Dry scalp typically manifests as tiny white flakes, about as small as granules of sugar. Dandruff typically manifests as larger flakes that range more in size and colour. Think the texture of nutritional yeast (sorry for the graphic), colour anywhere from white to yellow, and sometimes an oily appearance.

      What else is going on?

      Dandruff is also referred to as Seborrheic Dermatitis. Seborrheic Dermatitis is a common skin condition that causes inflammation, scaly patches, and you guessed it - dandruff. It affects oily areas of the body, such as the scalp, sides of the nose, eyebrows, ears, eyelids and chest. The exact cause of Seborrheic Dermatitis is currently unknown, but it has been linked to certain underlying conditions such as: HIV, psoriasis, acne, rosacea, epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, nutritional deficiencies and alcoholism. Triggers of the condition range from stress and hormonal changes to the use of certain detergents or medications.

      Dry scalp is similar to other dry skin on the body, typically caused by a lack of moisture. When the scalp dries out, it can become irritated, flaky and feel itchy. Potential causes of dry scalp include: weather changes, allergies to hair products, over-shampooing, bleaching services, dehydration, psoriasis, scalp ringworm, sun exposure, nutritional deficiencies and stress.

      Let’s talk about treatment.

      Regardless of cause, both dry scalp and dandruff are treatable. A combination of using the correct products and making lifestyle changes will typically solve both scalp issues.


      The remedy is quite simple…HYDRATION HYDRATION HYDRATION.

      Veer away from products that dry the scalp out further, like alcohol-heavy stylers, SLS-heavy shampoos, clarifying shampoos, and certain volumizing shampoos (don’t get us wrong - we love volume, but be mindful that some volumizing formulas are lacking moisture). The two most effective product types for scalp hydration are shampoos and serums.

      We recommend: 



      • Deeply removes dandruff-causing sebum, flakes, product build-up and impurities
      • Improves efficacy of treatments applied next
      • Immediately lifts the roots
      • Provides long lasting lightweight volume

      And remember - the first step to healthy hair is a healthy scalp!

      Our Travel Essentials

      Our Travel Essentials

      Why not get ready now for all of your travel (or staycation) plans! Here is a breakdown of our top products we cannot leave the house without. 


      Our Favorite Canadian Brands

      Our Favorite Canadian Brands

      Did you know that some of our FAVORITE brands that we carry are located and manufactured right here in Canada?! We love to support, uplift, and celebrate our Canadian brands!


      AG is manufactured in Vancouver since 1989. AG is always looking out for us by continually replacing many ingredients in their products as they discover better, milder and more natural alternatives. AG is also PETA approved (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is the largest animal rights organization in the world, with more than 6.5 million members and supporters). Another reason AG is a Zennkai Favorite is their partnership with 'One Girl Can' (A charity that provides educational opportunities to girls in Africa through building schools, offering highschool and university scholarships and providing mentorship programs). A portion of every bottle sold supports this charity!

      FATHERS DAY HIGHLIGHT: Kerastase Genesis Homme

      FATHERS DAY HIGHLIGHT: Kerastase Genesis Homme

      Father’s Day is almost here, so treat him to one of our favorite lines catered to men: Kerastase Genesis Homme! Genesis Homme is the ultimate hair care solution for men to prevent hair loss and hair thinning. It instantly acts on every hair fiber for thicker hair while treating hair thinning in the long run. Genesis Men features two shampoos, a hair spray, a hair serum, and a thickening clay. Formulated with key ingredients such as ginger roots, creatine, and aminexil, helping you get stronger, thicker hair that is easier to style.


      Clarifying & Purifying Shampoo

      • Thickens every hair fiber for a fuller, healthy looking hair mass
      • Flexible medium hold
      • Matte finish
      • 5X fuller hair scalp when used with Bain de Masse
      • +70% increased hair fiber diameter when used with Bain de Masse
      • +75% hair mass

      An instant hair thickening modeling clay for weakened hair, prone to thinning.

      Save 10% on our favorite BUNDLES!

      Save 10% on our favorite BUNDLES!

      Did you know we offer Zennkai exclusive bundles? PLUS! You save 10% off?! That’s right, your favorite brands and products, bundled together, with a 10% savings! Here are our favorite bundles: 


      Best for: Thinning & Hair Loss

      What’s the difference between Titanium, Ceramic and Tourmaline Hot Tools?

      What’s the difference between Titanium, Ceramic and Tourmaline Hot Tools?

      We get this question ALL THE TIME - what is the difference between TITANIUM, CERAMIC and TOURMALINE hot tools? Choosing the best flat iron or curling wand for your hair can actually be much more difficult than it seems. Turns out, one isn't always strictly better than the others. What you choose will depend more on your needs and hair-type! Here is a breakdown to help you choose the best one for you!


      Best for: Fine and/or damaged hair

      • Similar to tourmaline
      • Heats up faster and more evenly
      • Longest lasting
      • Great for thick hair