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    Spring Haircare: Top Products to Tame Your Post-Winter Frizz

    Spring Haircare: Top Products to Tame Your Post-Winter Frizz

    The dry, harsh season of winter can be tough on various aspects of our lives, including our locks, and sometimes it's necessary to take extra action to ensure we are battling these inevitable happenings. Whether you have thick or thin locks, curly or straight, consider these top products to tame your post-winter frizz.

    AG Keratin Repair Reconstruct

    AG Keratin Repair Reconstruct

    Repair and reconstruct your damaged, dry locks with the  AG Keratin Repair Reconstruct mask. This wonder-working conditioning treatment repairs the damage your locks incurred over the winter, restoring the hair's elasticity that is often lost during this season. Delivering keratin amino acids, silk proteins and shea butter to your strands, this product repairs the structure of your hair and rejuvenates the scalp.

    Abba Gentle Shampoo/Conditioner

    Abba Gentle Duo shampoo and conditioner

    Switching up your shampoo and conditioner is a blessed idea as you switch seasons, giving your hair an instant lift as any buildup from your previous products is stripped away. While you're in the process, be sure to choose an organic, paraben-free shampoo and conditioner like Abba Gentle Duo. This wonderfully gentle shampoo and conditioner duo includes natural ingredients like cherry bark and aloe vera. 

    MoroccanOil Treatment

    MoroccanOil Treatment

    Every wash removes the natural oils from your hair, and though you can help battle increasing dryness by choosing the right shampoo and conditioner (like the one linked above), you can go the extra mile by working in an oil treatment, like MoroccanOil Treatment, into your hair regime. Use this miracle-worker as a conditioning, styling and finishing product as you see fit. Delivering antioxidant-rich argan oil and shine-boosting vitamins to your strands, this serum smooths, detangles, speeds up drying time and boosts shine.

    Nioxin System 1 Scalp Therapy

    Nioxin System 1 Scalp Therapy

    Dry hair and dry scalp go hand-in-hand, so be sure to address this problem as you exit the dry winter season. We recommend working in a scalp therapy conditioner into your haircare regime, such as Nioxin System 1 Scalp Therapy. This therapy product is a lightweight conditioner that also helps to provide hair resilience and moisture balance control for normal to thin-looking hair while fixing your dry scalp.

    There you have it: several miracle-working products that will bring you out of the harsh winter season and towards warmer days in the blink of an eye. Looking for something a little more strategic? Consider booking a visit at Zennkai Salon for an in-salon moisturizing hair treatment. 


    Spring Hue: Our Top 5 Hair Colours for Spring

    Spring Hue: Our Top 5 Hair Colours for Spring

    It's not quite spring yet, but it might be time to start preparing for your next hair change, especially if you plan on doing something dramatically different for the sunnier season. Work your way towards the perfect Spring/Summer '17 hue and check out our top 5 hair colours for spring.

    Chocolate Brown

    top 5 hair colours for spring

    Though the warmer season may have you feeling like lightening up your hue, you may actually benefit more from going towards the opposite end of the spectrum with a beautiful, full-coverage chocolate brown. Our colorists at Zennkai Salon recommend going dark for Spring to standout from the usual – plus, a cool, deep hue looks beautiful against sun-kissed, freckled complexions. 

    Sweet Strawberry

    strawberry - top five hair colours for spring

    A strawberry golden blonde is the perfect way to "dip your feet" into reds without going all the way this Spring. Particularly if you are starting as a blonde, going towards a strawberry hint is a piece of cake that is bound to give you that warm golden glow – even if your skin doesn't tan easily. 

    Baby Blonde

    baby blonde top 5 hair colours for spring

    Blonde throughout the year, but looking to freshen up this spring? Consider doubling down on the bleach and adding highlights to frame the face for a brighter, youthful look. Our colourists suggest starting with a golden blonde base and then adding in golden blonde and baby blond highlights, with the option to go slightly lighter on the ends for a natural, beachy look. 

    Humble Honey

    top five hair colours for spring

    Ready to go lighter for spring, but not quite sold on full-on blonde? Discover that perfect in-between with beautiful honey, which isn't quite brown but also isn't quite blonde. This classic neutral hue suits just about anyone, but also allows for a high level of uniqueness with its endless variations. On the darker spectrum, you can opt for a humble honey that's closer to a burnt caramel shade.  

    Subtle Highlights

    top 5 hair colours for spring

    Since subtlety is the queen of class, go full class this Spring with the most subtle, soft highlights to bump you up a shade without being overly dramatic. Whether you are blonde or brunette, you can make this happen! Our colourists predict that deeper roots with subtle highlighted ends will be a trend for Spring '17, so get a move on this look sooner than later!  

    In the mood to make a big splash this spring in more ways than one? Take to the sunny days ahead with a brand new color – click here to book your hair appointment at Zennkai Salon. 

    New Years Hair Resolutions: Achieve Your Hair Goals for 2017

    New Years Hair Resolutions: Achieve Your Hair Goals for 2017

    2017 is now right around the corner, and it's time to start thinking about our New Year's resolutions. If you want to change your hair for the new year, we have some tips to help you achieve your hair goals for 2017. 

    Here are some common yet attainable hair goals and how you can stick with them.

    New Year, New Style

    Commit to making a change that will have lasting, uplifting benefits for the new year, and start 2017 off with a new style. Whether it's letting go of some length you've been holding onto for years and switching up your look with a vibrant new color, often a change in your hairstyle can lead to beneficial changes in other areas of your life as well. Just remember: change is a good thing!

    A tip to work up the courage: Peruse online and save some images of some hairstyles you like. Then ask your friends and family members what they think would be the best change for you.

    Get More Regular Cuts

    One of the most common mistakes made when it comes to haircare is not getting regular haircuts. This often results in split or dead ends that lead to dull, lifeless hair and an inability to obtain your desired growth.

    For the new year, commit to getting more regular cuts so that you (a) have fresh hair year-round and (b) are able to grow your hair longer, as you've desired for so long. We recommend a visit to our salons every 2-4 months, depending on how frequently you use hot tools.

    A tip for committing to regular cuts: Get to know your hairstylist, and pre-book at then end of each appointment. We can set you up on our email list or call you to remind you of your appointment.

    Switch to Professional Products

    Have you been using drugstore hair products for as long as you can remember, and suffering in terms of hairhealth as a result? 2017 will not perpetuate this behaviour! Make a promise to yourself to switch over to using professional products for the duration of 2017, and never look back.

    A tip for making the switch: Shop our sales and talk to our professional hairstylists about what products are best for you. Stock up – once you start using professional products, you'll be hooked!

    Wash/Damage Less

    Do you wash your hair too frequently, which results in a dry scalp and damaged hair? The reality is, the more you wash your hair, the more you feel like you have to wash your hair. Your scalp becomes dry which results in your roots producing more oils. And the more you wash, the more you damage your hair with a blowdryer and hot tools.

    A tip for washing and damaging less:  Put yourself on a washing schedule, and keep track of how many times you wash your hair per week. You should aim for no more than 2-3 washes per week. Also, work in a thermal spray to help battle heat damage. Shop our thermal sprays here.

    There you have it: 4 ways that you can accomplish your new years hair resolutions and bring those hair goals into reality, which are bound to bring you endless confidence and enjoyment.

    Looking Back on the Hottest Hairstyles of 2016

    Looking Back on the Hottest Hairstyles of 2016


    It's the end of the year and we are eager to look back in review on the hottest hairstyles of 2016. Ready, set, go!


    Texturized Bobs

    texturized bob hottest hairstyle 2016

    Jennifer Lawrence shows it best with  her side part and texturized bob, that ever-so effortlessly frames her mischievous smile. As one of the hottest hairstyles of 2016 and one we got very acquainted with in our salons, we learned that the right bob can do wonders for almost any woman. 

    Braids, braids, braids

    braids hairstyle of 2016

    It's not like braids ever really left the world of fashionable hairstyles, but they certainly did retreat for a while over the past few years. But, as witnessed over 2016, whether fishtail braids, cornrows, or waterfall braids, braids, braids, braids made a huge comeback and quickly became one of the hottest hairstyle of 2016. 


    bangs hottest hairstyles of 2016

    Bangs made a comeback this year, which makes one thing a for-sure fact: even the (once) worst haircuts can make a transformation into something fashionable again! We had a lot of our clientele asking for bangs, which can do wonders for framing the face, creating a softer or more bold appearance (depending on the style of bang) and making your eyes pop.

    Messy Top Bun

    messy top bun hottest hairstyles of 2016

    As far as we can tell, the "effortless" look isn't going anywhere fast, which was reinforced by another hot hair trend of 2016: the messy top bun. We saw plenty of half up-do's with that effortless, just rolled out of bed look, while the sleek top bun with a subtle messy flair was all the rave as well.

    50 Shades of Grey

    Silver hair is one of the hottest hairstyles of 2016

    Whether inspired by the movie or not, this year also brought us a very unique, minimalistic trend in hair color: from grey, to silver, to white. Silver strands are no longer an outcome of age, but one of choice and sleek sophistication. At our salons, we managed to go "50 shades of grey" in 2016 like you never would have imagined!

    Are you ready to take the plunge and follow one of these hottest hairstyles of 2016, or perhaps blaze your own trail? Click here to schedule your appointment with a Zennkai hairstylist today. 

    Haircare Stocking Stuffers: Give the Gift of Beautiful Locks

    Haircare Stocking Stuffers: Give the Gift of Beautiful Locks

    It's almost time to start holiday shopping – but don't worry – we've got some solutions for all of your loved ones, or at least the ones who have hair. With the exception of bald Uncle Tony and Great Granny, check out these haircare stocking stuffers and accomplish the ability to give the gift of beautiful locks to each member of your family... without even leaving your home. Eh ehm, online purchases available here


    For Sister

    haircare holiday stocking stuffers moroccon oil

     If you have a sister, chances are she is going to be doing some mad partying come NYE – which is the perfect opportunity for you to give her the gift of on-fleek party hair just in time to ring in 2017 in (hair) style. This Moroccon Oil 'All Dressed Up' Holiday Pack is perfect for the occasion. Can you say tres chic!.

    For Mom

    joico color pack holiday pack for gifts

    Make your mom JOIful this holiday season, and give her the gift of Joico K-Pak Color Therapy, which will help her hang onto her color and keep her non-existed greys at bay for much longer. 

    For Him

    Haircare holiday stocking stuffers

    Chances are, if you have a "him" in your life, he probably needs some dire help with his hair. Help him to achieve a smooth, sophisticated do with our Holiday 2016 Layrite 2 Pack, or go extra generous and get him a 4 pack to last him throughout 2017.

    For Bae

    haircare gifts for the holidays

    Keep your blonde bombshell of a best friend looking her best with Dual Senses Gorgeously Illuminated holiday pack. This pack will help her wash away those yellow tones and neutralize back to the blonde she intended.

    Or, shop all holiday packs here.

    Happy Holiday shopping to all!