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      Blog — thinning hair

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      Stop Hair Loss from Covid-19 and other stressors

      Hair Loss from Covid

      We have had so many clients reach out for help; Hair loss from stress, hair loss after Covid-19, hair loss from medication; There are so many reasons for hair loss. Zennkai Hair Experts want to share their solutions with you as we have helped so many clients combat their hair loss!

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      CALLING ALL BABES! Thinning Hair

      <center>CALLING ALL BABES! Thinning Hair
      Whether you have thin hair already, currently thinning or wanting to get a head start on this specific hair journey I believe there is no better way than to find the root of the problem, which brings us to the big question...
      Why is our hair thinning and how can we fix it? From simple things like diet or even putting your hair in a tight bun we will go through some of the leading causes of thinning hair and provide some options to kick start your path towards thick and glossy hair! 

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