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      The Beauty Edit — skin care

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      The Best Last Minute Gifts Under $20!

      The Best Last Minute Gifts Under $20!
      Let's just address the elephant in the room and say that Christmas shopping can be extremely expensive! If you're anything like me and love spoiling your loved ones during this time, then I hate to say it but you know how empty our wallets can feel after a day of shopping. So lets take a peak at some of our amazing gifts that are budget friendly for your mom, your dad, your sister or whoever!

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      CALLING ALL BABES! Age-Reversal

      <center> CALLING ALL BABES! Age-Reversal

      Has anyone ever told you that by the age of 25 you should start using anti-aging skin care? That's because the production of collagen and elastin in our skin begins to decline in your late 20's, resulting in the slow decrease in firmnesselasticity and cell turnover.

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      CALLING ALL BABES! The Power of SPF

      <center>CALLING ALL BABES! The Power of SPF
      Sunscreen is a barrier that protects your skin from UV rays. The UV rays that affect the skin are broken down into TWO types. Have you heard the term "Broad Spectrum"? This term, Broad Spectrum aids in blocking BOTH UV rays!

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