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      The Beauty Edit — Mom

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      Look Good Feel Good - A Mom's Perspective!

      <center>Look Good Feel Good - A Mom's Perspective!
      I think that most working mom's can agree that getting up in the morning to get yourself and the kids ready in such little time can end up feeling like you're about to run a marathon! For me personally, right when I wake up, I'm already looking forward to hopping right back into bed. From making breakfast, preparing lunch for the kids (and hopefully a cup of joe for mysef) can get us thinking, "Omg can I please have 1 more hour in my bed instead?" Or do you ever catch yourself looking at other ladies when you’re out and about and think "Geez, who has time to get their hair and makeup done like that every morning?"

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      Mother's Day Gift Guide

      Mother's Day Gift Guide
      Unsure of what to get Mom or needing some last minute ideas of what to get her for Mother's Day? Here's some gifts that she is sure to love!

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