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      With the amount of research & information around UVA/UVB damage, we all know the importance of wearing SPF daily to protect our skin, but did you know it is just as important for our hair & scalp? Both are also at risk for UVA/UVB damage with our scalp of course being susceptible to skin cancer. Wearing a hat is the most beneficial for protecting the scalp from UV rays, but without proper protection for your hair specifically, you can experience loss of colour, strength, & moisture.

      UV rays are the number one cause of hair damage over the summer, compared to both chlorinated & salt water. Your hair is made up of 80-90% protein, while the rest is moisture. Sunlight breaks down the protein in your hair & causes natural oils & moisture to evaporate, leaving your hair dry, brittle, & prone to damage & colour fade.

      Coloured or chemically treated hair is the most prone to fading & oxidative stress, as the sun’s rays combine with oxygen in the air, causing the melanin (or pigment) in the hair to react & fade. This can give a naturally highlighted or sun kissed look to untreated or natural hair over time, while colored or chemically treated hair will notice color fading, or brassiness especially when bleached. With more knowledge around the effects of sun damage on the hair, there are plenty of products that offer UV protection for your hair & help prevent colour fade & damage.

      A lot of multi-benefit sprays & leave in conditioners now include UV protection, & provide lots of additional benefits too! Let’s look at some of our favourites!

      The Bb. Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer has been a top seller for years with its 6 lightweight oils & protection from heat & UV rays using avobenzone & octinoxate. This all-in-one leave-in treatment is great for dry, damaged, & coloured hair types & helps to defrizz, detangle, & prevent breakage. Use on damp hair as a leave-in conditioner, or use on dry hair to refresh & shield hair from the drying effects of the sun at the beach or pool.

      Formulated with sunflower extract, the MoroccanOil Protect & Prevent Spray is a lightweight spray that specifically combats color degradation in the hair. Antioxidants protect your hair from environmental factors like UV damage & pollution, & keeps hair colour from oxidizing. Plus, you can use it as a detangling spray which is great after spending a day at the beach, & it leaves your hair smelling like MoroccanOil's signature scent.

      The Milkshake Incredible Milk is another top selling multi-benefit spray that is suitable for all hair types. With 12 benefits this miracle treatment protects from UV rays & heat, detangles, & protects your colour while controlling frizz & creating body & volume. With all of the benefits it includes, it’s the only leave-in conditioner you’ll ever need!

      The Kerastase Blond Absolu Cicaplasme Serum is a heat protection serum that can also be used as a frizzy hair treatment on dry hair or as an overnight treatment when applied before bed. Enriched with hyaluronic acid & Edelweiss flower, Cicaplasme helps to seal split ends, smooth the hair fiber, & provide nutrition to coloured & highlighted hair. Containing UV filters, Cicaplasme helps to protect lightened hair from oxidation & sun exposure, as well as prevents pollution from redepositing on the hair fiber.

      If you prefer an oil for your hair, the Loma Fortifying Repairative Tonic is a treatment oil for more dry & damaged hair that uses natural antioxidants to repair, strengthen, & provide colour protection. Not only does it provide colour protection but it also helps to extend blonde brightness & is full of antioxidants that fight free radical damage & protect from UV rays.

      Finally, to finish your look, the L’anza Keratin Healing Oil Lustrous Finishing Spray offers full spectrum UV protection as well as heat protection for the hair. The fast drying & humidity resistant formula isn’t sticky, flaky, or heavy but provides maximum hold, & helps to provide volume while infusing the hair with healing & reparative Keratin.

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