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      We proudly use L'Oreal Professionnel, known as the No.1 professional hair colour worldwide. Did you know L'Oreal Professionnel colour is made in Canada, environmentally friendly, and produced in a carbon neutral facility! Our extensive Colour Expert Training Program educates all of our stylists on the in depth chemistry of colour, as well as current cut and style trends.

      **We list the lowest price per level of stylist. The price of your service can increase depending on the stylist you book with, density of hair, and amount of product used. Your stylist will quote cost prior to starting your service. We also provide complimentary consultations if you would like to book one prior to your service**

      Stylist Levels

      - Junior Stylist: Our Junior Stylists have graduated from a reputable academy and have gained all of their foundation skills and techniques. They continue frequent training classes both in theories and practical work, to further their service skills including haircuts, hair colour and lightening techniques. Our Junior Stylists are eagerly working to gain a loyal clientele and experience behind the chair all while being mentored by our Advanced and Master Stylists in house. Our Junior team usually has less than 18 months of experience.

      - Advanced Stylist : They continue to work on their craft by attending numerous education classes and online seminars.

      Our Advanced stylists show incredible dedication and drive behind the chair, and are requested by many of our guests. They come with increased knowledge and competence in haircuts, colouring services, lightening services and styling. They demonstrate a strong commitment to constantly improving all their skills through further education and are always working on new techniques to make their services even better! Our Advanced team usually has 2-4+ years of experience.

      - Master Stylist : This level is designated to our most experienced and educated stylists within the salons. They are highly requested and carry a reputation of knowledge throughout our brand. They typically perform more advanced level techniques within their cutting, colouring and finishing services. Master Stylists have more than 5+ years behind the chair. Our Masters provide guidance and mentorship to our Junior stylists and continue to attend seasonal training and online seminars.

      Pricing - pricing is based on consultation and our prices posted are only a guideline. The price will differ based on the level of stylist as well as the length of service and the detail of work being completed.