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    Must-haves for your Spring Break Vacation

    Must-haves for your Spring Break Vacation

     Spring is nature's way of saying "Let's Party!" so make sure to go where the WiFi is weak and the sun is strong! Yes, totally aware that Spring is not for another few weeks but hey, never too early to dream about a magic escape am I right? So whether you're heading a few hours away from the city where greenery is beautifully endless or to a tropical forest where the skies are baby blue - you'll need a list of essentials to bring along with you. We're here to make your packing process a piece of cake... literally ;) 

    R E D K E N C O L O R E X T E N D B L O N D A G E

     I myself have blonde hair so the first thing that comes to mind is a purple shampoo and conditioner.What I like about the Redken Color Extend Blondage line is that aside from toning down unwanted brassiness it strengthens my hair at the same time which is exactly what my hair needs! 

    P U R E O L O G Y H Y D R A T E

    If your hair isn't like mine (blonde but on the brassier side) then the Pureology Hydrate will do just the trick to make sure your hair is being hydrated and catered to. Pureology is 100% vegan so whatever your hair type, your mane will be taken care of with all the natural ingredients. 

    M  I L K S H A K E W H I P P E D C R E A M

    I've only recently started using the whipped cream from Milkshake and man oh man... have I been missing out on this amazing product. If your hair needs some extra love due to dryness or you just want your ends to feel like silk then search no more! 

    D E S I G N . M E D R Y S H A M P O O F O A M

    If you haven't heard the rave on this dry shampoo foam from Design.Me then you need to get in on it. This is the best form of dry shampoo that I have ever used - and coming from me that says a lot. My scalp gets super oily so it's hard to find a product that really does the job. But my search is finally complete! This dry shampoo foam is lightweight, refreshes the scalp and lasts for 2 days! It's a done deal for me!  

    A G N A T U R A L G L O W 


    Just going to start off by saying AG is a local brand and an overall amazing one! Using 98% naturally derived ingredients this serum adds shine, hydration and nourishment. What more can you ask for? 

     W E T B R U S H D E T A N G L E R

    It's never a proper packing list without a wet brush detangler! I can't rave enough about this brush; it combs through wet and dry hair like butter. It's an obvious purchase for wherever your travels take you. 



    Have you heard about Marie Kondo, the Japanese organizing consultant and author? Well she has been all the rave these recent months and I thought that this "How To Pack A Suitcase" video would come in handy... 

    Take a peak below! Happy Packing and happy organizing!