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      Stop Hair Loss from Covid-19 and other stressors

      Hair Loss from Covid

      We have had so many clients reach out for help; Hair loss from stress, hair loss after Covid-19, hair loss from medication; There are so many reasons for hair loss. Zennkai Hair Experts want to share their solutions with you as we have helped so many clients combat their hair loss!

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      L’Oreal Serioxyl – The New It Product for Thinning Hair

      L’Oreal Serioxyl – The New It Product for Thinning Hair
      Have you been struggling with thin hair? Looking for that right product to add fullness and volume but just can’t seem to find the right one? Well you’re in luck – L’oreal has formulated a product to immediately help the hair look denser and lifted. It helps improve the look of the hair fibre density and is ideal for people with fine hair. It has also been proven that 83% of women have seen change by using this product – And we think that’s quite a big number!

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