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      The Beauty Edit — hair product ingredients

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      Gym Bag Essentials: 2020
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      Shampoo Do’s and Dont’s: Find Out What These Hair Product Ingredients Mean

      Shampoo Do’s and Dont’s: Find Out What These Hair Product Ingredients Mean

      Well, as it turns out, it's not just as simple as lather, rinse, repeat. Purchasing a good set of shampoo and conditioner takes effort, time, and most importantly, knowledge. Don't just make an impulse purchase on a nicely-branded bottle that will leave your hair suffering. Discover our shampoo do's and don't, and find out what these important hair product ingredients mean. 


      Look for these ingredients based on the following hair types:

      • Thin/Fine Hair: Use lightweight, thickening or volumizing formulas with ingredients such as lavender oil, lemongrass and rosemary, all of which are known to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss while stimulating and balancing the scalp. 
      • Normal/Medium Hair: If you have normal or balanced hair, focus on ingredients that simply promote hair health like wheat protein, white tea and vitamins A, C and E. All of these ingredients will maintain and preserve the integrity of your strands.
      • Curly/Wavy Hair: Appropriate moisture is the key to nice curls and waves, so look for nourishing ingredients like glycerin, olive oil, shea butter and jojoba oil.
      • Thick Hair: If you have thick, unruly hair, look for ingredients that will have a natural smoothing effect such as avocado oil, soy protein and macadamia nut oil. These ingredients help seal the cuticle while hydrating your hair and avoiding unwanted volume.

      Look for tea tree oil if you have a dry scalp. Oily roots but a dry, flaky scalp? Look for a shampoo with tea tree oil that will help to balance and moisturize your scalp. 

      Look for UV protection. If you have a tropical destination planned or are an avid swimmer, ensure you get a shampoo and conditioner with UV filters and vitamins C, B-5 and E.


      Use products with silicone. Hair experts say that products with silicone coat the hair shaft and deter moisture absorption which can lead to dry, dull locks.

      Use shampoo with sulfate. Especially if you have color-treated hair, ensure you get yourself a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to avoid the dreaded "wash out" dulling of your fresh color.

      Use products with chemical ingredients or parabens. Common yet potentially harmful or damaging ingredients you want to avoid include Polyethelyne Glycol, often used as a thickening agent, and parabens, which are used to prolong shelf life.

      Looking for these shampoo ingredients while avoiding the harmful/chemical ingredients can do you wonders in achieving your hair goals – and much quicker than you could have imagined! Start shopping our safe and professional collection of shampoos and conditioners today.