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      Gym Bag Essentials: 2020

      Gym Bag Essentials: 2020
      I love learning new methods that have to do with saving time. As a working mom, I have very limited time and a crazy busy schedule. I'm sure I'm not the only one trying to balance everything! That's why I am so excited to share one particular time-saver I've learned with all of you. This time-saver is my gym bag essentials.

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      Hair Trends For 2020

      <center>Hair Trends For 2020
      Okay first of all, how is it already December!? It felt like only yesterday we were in the warmer months talking about hair travel necessities and Zennkai beauty boxes! Well, here we are now with winter in full force and predicting 2020's hottest hair trends - I can't believe it! I was inspired by this years fashion month and amazed at how fashion designers can come up with magic hair sh*t (excuse my language) and make it the newest trend of the season. Holy sh*t, they're good (sorry... just really excited!)

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